Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Speaking the "truth" in love...

Yesterday I was confronted by a colleague in ministry. He thought he was speaking the truth in love and helping to make me a better pastor. I found him to be hurtful, offensive, and thought he was projecting all over me. (as a side note, when people project their issues on me, it often feels as if someone has vomited all over me....). Contrary to my normal behaviors of shelling up and thinking it over for 3 days before responding, I immediately responded by telling him how I felt (hurt, offended, and disgusted). Let's just say it was not a pleasant conversation. It was not edifying, it was not constructive, and it was not helpful. David posted this image on his site and I think it says how my colleagues feels I reacted. If I were to redraw the image I would make the one "speaking truth in love" the one in armor and the one receiving the so-called truth completely befuddled....that's how yesterday's experience seems anyway.

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