Saturday, September 1, 2007

I heart my new youth worker

In July/August, I deaned Sr. High summer camp and as part of that, I worked on recruiting counselors. One of those I managed to bring on is a recent college graduate who has just returned home to work. She was super excited to come to camp and was a huge asset. Now that we are off the mountain, she has begun working with our youth. She is inspiring and ambitious and on top of things! Yay for on top of things. (for the record, I was always one of those who disdained group projects because I ended up doing most of the work because the others didn't work up to par or didn't bother to work at all, so working with folks who are reliable and proactive is so much better for me!) She is truly committed, this week she called to see if youth was still on since it is a holiday weekend. I have yet to learn the "no-youth-on-holiday-weekend" rule, so, yes, it is on. She said she has family in town that will still be there Sunday night so she can't come the whole time. I told her I understand and that she doesn't need to come, that she can stay with her family. She said she would come because she had made this commitment and that she could come for half the time, and had me decide which half would be better. I can't tell you how cool that was for me. I mean, I did youth on my own for about 6 months here and then got 2 adult volunteers who come in once and month and have been great, but I still organize everything and am the default for anything (driving, lock-ins, programs, coffee hour, etc), and it is so incredible to have someone who is both willing and able AND truly committed. Yay K!

The super added bonus was I had left a book for her to read while I was gone. It's called "Creating an Authentic Youth Ministry". I think it is a great book and that it gives good perspective on how we do youth ministry, the true foundations, not just great music or cool programs. Now, having been gone for almost 2 weeks, yesterday I couldn't even remember if I had told her I had left the book for her to pick up. But today when she called she said she had started the book and has some ideas! No way! Sweet! I am so excited that she is rearing to go for this ministry. I am so excited I don't have to poke and prod her. I am so excited that I can lean on her to do Bible studies and activities without having to pre-fab everything first! Oh man am I excited!

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