Saturday, September 22, 2007

One tired little girl

Last night I went to Lancaster UMC to speak at their lock-in and I took Taylor along with me. I felt very much like Paris Hilton toting along my little dog, but she goes where I go, so along she went. As usual, everyone loved her and she adored having everyone and their brother rub her belly. She ran around the room greeting people and let anyone who wanted to pick her up for extra attention. As is typical with lock-ins, there was little sleep to be had, though I got more than most as I claimed I was too old to stay up all night (especially knowing I had to drive back, write 2 sermons, and then preach 2 sermons the next day!) But Taylor and I were still up until 1:30, then slept for about 45 minutes, then up again until 3:30 and then slept until 7:30. She loved running around, checking things out, and in the morning she was wild with energy running all over the place. Well, for an 8 year old dog who normally spends 18 hours + sleeping everyday, it was a bit much for her. When we got in the car to ride home she immediately went to sleep. Took nap #1 with me at my brothers. Slept in the car to Hemet. Slept on the floor while I showered. Slept on the couch while I worked. Took nap #2 with me. And has been asleep most of the night ever since. Though she was awake long enough to eat. It's pretty hilarious to watch her because she is so tired she can hardly open her eyes to check and make sure I am still here beside her. I love my little girl and am very amused by how worn out she is.

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