Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Inspiration on top of inspiration

My friend Chai, in addition to being a power house of a woman, has been training for a marathon. A few months back I mentioned her fundraising efforts, and continue to encourage you to support her. She has already met her first goal of $5000 and is up'ing her goal in order to provide more for her honored heroes. Today I read her blog and she posted an interview with one of her honored heroes--who also serves as an inspiration with her amazingly beautiful voice and her courageous fight against cancer. In talking with Chai, she told me, "It's so weird to me how people think running this marathon is such an amazing thing. I mean, for me it's just something you do. It's a duty considering all these people have been through."

I am one of those people who stands in awe of Chai's marathon training, in large part because I have trouble motivating myself to do the exercise I need to be in the kind of shape I want, let alone train to run 26.2 miles!! I am inspired by Chai, and I am inspired to do more of my "duty" in supporting those who struggle/fight/win against/& lose against cancer. My sensitivities are heightened especially now as so many in my life have been diagnosed with cancer in the last few months. My prayers are strong for all those who fight this battle, but especially for MC, RS, AS, and CN, and my heart breaks for AP who lost her earthly battle but won her spiritual battle so many years ago and was an amazing woman of faith, an incredible example, compassionate heart, and radiant spirit. May each of these women, and so many others, be blessed, made whole, and cured--spiritually, emotionally, and physically in the coming days, weeks, and months.

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chai said...

thank you for this shout-out deb. i love you.