Thursday, May 15, 2008

Do I sound that stupid?!

I got a notice the other day from my credit card company. They were offering greater rewards for my valued business...a lower APR, bigger spending limit, or more bonus points for purchases. So I call. I ask the guy what the specifics on each of the incentives are and he tells me I could increase my spending limit (not needed), decrease my APR to either 10.9% or 9.9% for a couple months and then it would go to a variable, or I can get X many more points for grocery and gas purchases. So I ask what the difference is between the 10.9% option and the 9.9% option. His response, "one percent." Thanks. That was helpful. No, really, I can do the math, I promise.

Me: I mean why would I choose 10.9% over 9.9%?
Him: Oh, well, I just thought I'd throw both options out there.
Me: Is this a trick question?
Him: No. I'm sorry.
Me: (laughing too hard to actually give a real response) Who in their right mind would opt to pay more when they don't have to and there's no other difference between the two plans? (still giggling) I'm sorry.
Him: That's okay Ms. C. Do you know which one you'd like?
Me: (This man is too much). Yeah, I think I'll go with the 9.9%

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