Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm Deb, she's D...

My best friend in high school had a name that stared with "D". As we were attached at the hip for almost 3 years straight, people always saw us together. I became "Deb" and she was "D". Regularly people would misname us, calling me "D" and her "Deb". We were always quick to reply, "I'm Deb, she's D..." (or vice versa). Almost 10 years later we are rarely in the same vicinity and no one post high school knows us together, or the distinction between D and Deb. On occasion people shorten my name to "D". I know it's been years and they are no longer confusing me with my high school companion, but I still catch myself wanting to say, "No, she's D, I'm Deb."

Today I received a follow up email from a colleague and co-alum from Candler, in his email he said, "Thanks, D - I contacted Megan. See ya in R-lands." I know it's an obvious nickname for those unfamiliar with my 'other half', but it's just one of those things.

So, for the record, I'm Deb, she's D, even if you don't know D, I'm not her. =)

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