Monday, May 19, 2008

Yep, I'm that far behind

It has not been until this last year that I actually started to catch up with the modern world. Seriously, I've always been cool with being decades behind as far as technology is concerned. But, within the last year I got
  • a laptop computer
  • a digital camera
  • an ipod
I know these items are pretty everyday for most folks of my generation, but I've been way behind and today arrived the most recent purchase--the ipod.

Despite the fact that it took over an hour to figure out why it wouldn't load my music and to them make play lists so I could add music, I am now the proud owner of a functioning ipod. It's fabulous! Partly because it simply blows my mind to think that what takes up 3 shelves of space for CD cases all fits on something smaller than a credit card. Seriously, does that not blow your mind?! Okay, you're probably over it, but I'm not. I think it amazing!

The next feat will be figuring out how it actually works with my car (that came equipped) and if I need to go to the store for a zillion connection cords or whatever.

Then this summer, it's a new phone (my contract's up) with blue tooth--also compatible/built into my car.

This nerd of the 20th century is taking strides my friends, taking strides!

1 comment:

David said...

still no ipod here, but I do have an mp3/bluetooth/digital camera/phone...does that count?
Speaking of and dad have a wireless router here at the house with other stuff for you to take north.