Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The time is drawing near...

Nope, I'm not claiming to be an end of times prophet. (Though I am a fan of behaving, loving, giving, struggling for justice as if it's tomorrow and not for 2000 years at the same time). The time for moving is drawing near. I know, it's still 5 weeks away, but, I leave for a week of vacation, am home for a couple of weeks and then a week of conference, then the final packing of boxes and then moving day. It's all happening so fast that my head is spinning. Monday the moving company delivered 80+ boxes to my door so I could get to work.

I already have a good 15 or so packed in other rooms. The race is on and I have way more work to do than I would like to think. Thank God for conference movers who will haul boxes downstairs in 100+ degree heat!

If you're in the packing boat--all my best! (I'm trying to be super organized so pretty much anyone could pick up a box and know, more or less, where things should be put away, and I'll still be able to find stuff when they're done).

If you're not in the packing boat--enjoy it!

Barring the worst appointment of my life, I'm ready for the itinerant system to leave me be for awhile.

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