Friday, May 23, 2008

"They must have seen the flier"

This week(end) I came home to have some vacation, share Bishop with my best friend from seminary and her daughter, and to preach at my home church as part of their centennial celebration. My brother had been here last week and part of his advice was, "be prepared for the media onslaught." "The what?!" I replied. "The media onslaught. They put my picture in the paper and so everywhere I went people were telling me they saw me in the paper and that they'd come on Sunday to here me preach." "Great....I'm glad they couldn't get my picture to come through on email!" "No, they did. And besides dad had a couple choice ones picked out if they couldn't, one included you puckering I think..." "Even better. I'll look forward to that then."

So now I'm in town and someone says, "Hey, I saw your picture in the paper." Not a big surprise there, but my mom was there and it hadn't been in Thursday's paper, so she thought the person might be confused. "They must have seen the flier," she says to me. "The what?!" "The flier. There are fliers." "Where?!" I didn't get a clear answer to that one.

As strange and weird and over-done as it feels, it kinda makes me feel like I'm a big name. I'm not, but when you're from a small town, everything is a big deal. Here's to small town notoriety. I guess...

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Tennessee Methodist Man said...

Hey you are a celebrity the world over. Madam Bishop. Good Luck preachin the word tomorrow.