Thursday, May 15, 2008

On guest preaching

The truth is (well, at least my truth is) when I'm a guest preacher somewhere I want to preach the "right" word--the exact message that the people need to hear. But really, that notion is distracting and I can hunt and hunt through scripture for the "perfect" passage. But the reality is, if we are faithful to the living word of God and seek God's guidance, any word we preach can be the word. Now, that doesn't mean that those who hear my guest sermon will leave having heard the best sermon ever, but it does mean that if they open their hearts and I've opened mine and we all open our mind and seek God's guidance, we will hear a message God has for us. It may be simple or may be completely transformational, either way, if we open ourselves to hear from God, we will hear from our Lord, and that, at least from my perspective, is enough.

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