Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Accident, Sweet, or Stalkerish??

As most of you know, Mondays are my day off, and as such, I turn off my work phone. So this morning, I turned the phone on and started listening to messages. One was a message that a meeting would have to be rescheduled, another from my perpetual caller, and the third “I’ve had the time of my life” playing in the background with no actual message. It played for almost the whole song. There were no background voices. No nothing, other than this song. At first, I only knew it was a song, it was after a minute or so that I registered which song it was. I listened until it was finished. My phone had been off, so there was no caller ID to look for. I laughed to myself. First of all, I’ve had no moments/experiences as of late (as in, within the past 2 years) that would warrant that song, let alone any on my work phone. That realization made begin to worry. Having lived under the surveillance of a stalker for a few months during seminary, a red flag immediately went up. Who would have left that message? Why? But there isn’t even a likely candidate who comes to mind. Just plain strange I tell you. Just strange.

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