Sunday, November 25, 2007

Did I just get asked out?!?!

So today during the meet and greet there was a man who looked new to me, thinking he was a visitor, I asked his name and greeted him and told him I was glad he was with us. No big deal. I greeted the other 100 people who were in line behind him and then went to my second service. After the service was over we were gathered in the small area (like a mini narthex) before exiting and were signing up for tamales and having coffee and cookies and Mr. New Guy came up and asked if he could talk with me a minute (I probably should have seen a red flag considering my service gets out an hour and a half after the other one ends...and so even if he had stayed until the absolute end of coffee time...he would have had a bit of a wait, but whatever, I'm slow on the uptake, I can admit that). I instructed a youth to finish cleaning up and went around the corner into another room with him. He asked if I wanted to go have lunch and I said I had a youth with me today and couldn't. He asked if I my schedule was busy (uhhh...can we say it's advent in the church and I am one of the pastors?? Do you even need to ask?!?) "Yes, well, it's advent, so things are pretty hectic in the church. But (why do I always throw in the but...???) I can check my schedule and get back to you. He gave me his card, with cell number written in, and then did the long shake thing.

Now, I'm pretty sure that was a request for a date....but it was disguised, and I was robed, and who in their right mind asks a pastor out while they are robed for Sunday service?!?! That's not normal. Apparently some people like the nun thing. I'm not sure though, I mean, I was robed, and it is Sunday, and so maybe he has a pastoral/spiritual concern, but something tells me not.

Can we be clear about a couple of things here? 1) there has not been this much dating interest directed toward me EVER in my life. What is that about?!?! 2) this dating business is tricky...seems to me it used to be you got asked "out" or on "a date", but I think too many men were rejected and so they got doesn't get asked out on a date or asked out per say any more, you get asked for coffee (a.k.a. the neutral date), lunch (a.k.a. the safe date), or dinner (the most-likely-it's-a-date date), but without being asked "out" or on an official date, the terms and agreements are a bit fuzzy. (At least in my mind). Being asked to lunch isn't necessarily a date in my book, which is probably why, more often than not, I end up blindsided by the romantic implications. Oy Vey.

Does this craziness happen to anyone else? Have you ever been asked out in worship?? (**I was quite relieved this did not happen during the passing of the peace...that would have seriously thrown me for a loop!)

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Tennessee Methodist Man said...

Oh Debbie,

I love reading your blog and your analysis of dating. I think that his is asking you out on a date. But the real question is.... Do you want to go? Either way you need to know you are and always have been nothing but hotness. I hope you are well. Miss you friend.

Rob ( I wish I could kick arse like Debbie) Dunbar