Monday, November 19, 2007

Quote of the Day

Me: "...and, it's weird because people think I'm a nun."
Mr Date Man: "what?!"
Me: "Well, they don't see many women clergy, and so when they hear I'm a pastor, they think I'm like a nun."
Mr. Date man: "I didn't think you were like a nun, I mean, I didn't go to that extreme....maybe like half way to a nun."


John Meunier said...

Bad form for Mr. Date Man here.

But you have to give him some leeway. We broken in married men would see the trouble coming a mile away and deftly dodge it.

It's something that can't be taught to the young, though. They have to take their lumps and learn it the hard way.

If you were a nun you could slap him with your rosary or yardstick. I think that's what the penguin in Blue's Brothers did.

Deb said...

I definitely don't blame Mr. Date Man for his comment. And he's definitely not the only one. It is very common for me to be considered a nun...even by practicing church least as far as some of the stereotypes and stigmas are concerned. I'm just saying, it makes one feel old and dumpy....somehow when I think "nun", I think "sister Mary Catherine" from Sister Act...not that I don't love her, only that it's not the image I want for myself. =)