Friday, November 30, 2007

Product endorsements

Tonight while I was out I picked up Tarn-X and Armor-All. I needed the Tarn-X because I have far too many items that are grayish black rather than silver; and I needed the Armor-All for a chair I have that is starting to peel from being in the desert. I'm happy to endorse both of these products. The Armor-all made my chair shiny and conditioned and hopefully the peeling will stop. And the Tarn-X was SO easy. I've hesitated to buy silver polish because it's so much work to rub it on and buff it off. The stuff I've used in the past is like car wax and seems to take as much work. But the Tarn-X was super simple, just wipe it on and rub a little (seriously, just a little) and then rinse with cold water and dry. I now have shiny and presentable jewelry (among other items). You know, for the next time you have to do some household chores!

(BTW, today on the TODAY show they had home fix-it's for different problems. One of their recommendations for a clogged drain was 1/4 cup of ammonia followed by a quart of boiling water. While this might be effective, it's rough on the environment, if you need a homemade fix that's more earth friendly, try 1/4 cup baking soda chased with a couple cups white vinegar (heated). Let it bubble and fizz and sit for about 1/2 hour or so and then follow with hot water. It is smelly (for heating the vinegar), but so is ammonia, and it's good for mother earth!)

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