Wednesday, November 14, 2007

News bulletin and call to action

I assume most, if not all, of you are aware of the genocide in Darfur. It's been going on for years now and hundreds of thousands of people. If you don't know about it, click here for more info.

I'm on their regular email list and get updates and requests to send a letter to a senator or other official regarding the destruction and violence and calling people to action. Recently there have been demands for divestment from companies who are aiding different things in China, which is one of the major arms contributors to this area. Currently there is a need to contact senators about approving emergency funding--a decision which must be made by the end of the year. As we know, Congress can be lethargic in voting in good legislation, so pressure needs to be applied. If you have not yet made your voice heard, I encourage you to do so. "If enough of us speak out, our voices will be heard." You can find online petitions and your representatives' voting records here. Below is an email urging folks to act:

Just a few weeks ago, President Bush heeded the call from Darfur activists and asked Congress to approve emergency funding for these peacekeepers.

Now we must keep the heat on Congress to fulfill America's commitments to the critical U.N.-A.U. peacekeeping mission.

Congress must approve the emergency funding by the end of the year or the peacekeeping mission is likely to be delayed. And, as you know all too well, the people of Darfur cannot afford any more delays.

With your help, we will ensure that Darfur peacekeeping does not become a casualty of Washington politics.

Thank you again for all you do for Darfur.

Best regards,

Colleen Connors
Save Darfur Coalition

P.S. Tune in to your local PBS station on Tuesday, November 20, for a FRONTLINE investigation about the international community's failure to stop the genocide in Darfur. Visit for local listings and a preview.

Your voice matters. Your vote counts. Hold your representatives accountable and ask them to vote for the things that matter to you!

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