Monday, November 26, 2007

Pulled Pork (the simple way)

I continue to suffer from migraines these days, and tonight is no exception, so today's post has to be quick and simple:

Pulled Pork Recipe

You can use just about any cut of pork for this: cutlets, pork chops, ribs, whatever

Place the pork (raw) with about 1/2 cup water in crock pot on high. Add 1 tsp of salt/seasoning salt. Cover and let cook.

You can let this cook all day, start it in the morning and let it go all day. It will just pull apart when it is finished cooking. I had mine on high for about 5 hours and it was fine.

**Note: it is easier to use meat that is boneless, but boned is fine, just know you'll have to pick out the bone in the end.

This can be served various ways:

1) straight up on corn tortillas with cilantro and a little onion.
2) in taquitos
3) covered with barbeque sauce on a roll for simple pulled pork sandwich.


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Matt said...

Mmmm.... pulled pork....

I've never tried in a crock pot (always done it in an oven - like this recipe)