Thursday, November 15, 2007

the introduction...

With the prospect of a date on my horizon and an overwhelming look at my calendar, or maybe that's a look at my overwhelming calendar, I was prompted to think, "what would happen if I were to take Mr. Date-man to a church event?" Let's just say I began to be thoroughly amused. First off, one must acknowledge that this man would not go unnoticed. There's no way he could . Why? Well, let's start with the fact that anyone under the age of 35 has a big glowing neon sign hung over his/her head for all my older congregants to see. Secondly, if he came with me, there'd definitely be a hullabulloo. The church doesn't know my people. I mean, they know my parents and my sister and her family, but they've never met my brother or his wife (competing Sunday morning services'll do that), and never have they met a friend, let alone one of the male variety. There'd be a 1000 questions, and probably some minor jealousy from a couple folks. Why an 85 year old would be jealous of the status of my age appropriate date, I'll never know. anyway. So here I am imagining these encounters and then my ensuing explanations of why church folks act the way they do to this man. "Well, they're sort of like a big happy (or not so happy) extended family. They are a little over-protective; and yes, they really do think it's their right to ask you all those questions. No I'm not inclined to answer them all, but yes, it is a big like living in a nice fish bowl. So....ready to go out again!?!" Can't wait for the fun to begin.

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gavin richardson said...

that's a tough one. we have a 35 yr old buddy who has grown up in our church and is just the coolest person and no one is sure why he doesn't find a girl for marriage and family.

we actually hooked him up with a girl last year and they did really good till she had a cancer mass that needed tending too. they are still friends & after they had called themselves "friends" he brought her to one of our sunday school functions. oh the whispers. it is no wonder that he doesn't tell when he is in the early date stage with someone.