Thursday, November 1, 2007

NaBloPoMo and meetings

I think I'm a glutton for punishment, namely because I can't figure out why I would add yet another commitment to my already too hectic life, but nevertheless, I signed up for NaBloPoMo both in an effort to be more disciplined and in an effort to use writing as a process for sifting through the mania that is my life these days.

I've been completely overwhelmed by meetings lately. It seems every night has an obligation and in addition I am traveling to some region of So Cal to get to a meeting at least once a week. I'm tired of driving so much. I'm tired of having commitment after commitment (on top of my regular church work). It's exhausting and I am NOT looking forward to the prospect of more meetings in the coming year. I think I find it especially tedious because most of the meetings I have to attend don't accomplish anything. We talk in circles or talk about how *someone* needs to do something, but then nothing gets done. If I'm tired of going to countless meetings, I am REALLY tired of nothing getting done. I recognize "it takes one to know one" could be applied here, and I am trying to do something, but I also know I am a doer--I can't hardly escape that, so what seems to happen is then the non-doers like to talk about "us" "we" or "someone" and what they really mean in "you", which by implication is me. And for the record, it's not my job to get trash bags, make sure there's toilet paper in the park bathrooms, or even to get carnival tickets, so where on earth did you get that idea?!!?

Sorry. I'm frustrated.

I did have a brilliant idea last night though. A month of sabbath from meetings. Doesn't that sound absolutely marvelous?!!? No 3 hour trips to and from San Diego. No 4 hour drives to/from Pasadena. No 4 hour drives to/from Palmdale. No staff meeting. No one on one. No SPRC, Ad council, or whatever else. No stinkin' meetings! Some might call it a boycott. I simply call it sabbath. Rest from the tedium so I could go back renewed with fresh ideas and energy--that's what I think God meant by the 4th commandment (in addition to the traditional day off). I'll have to plan ahead, but I'm thinking February is looking pretty good!

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