Friday, November 30, 2007

Please tell me why rain is "unfortunate"

This morning I was watching the news and the local weather lady said, "Unfortunately it looks like we are going to have a wet and dreary Friday". Why does rain get such a bad rap?!?! For the record, our land is PARCHED! We have only had something like 1/5th of our normal annual rain fall. That's not good folks. That's part of the reason the fires were able to spread so rampantly this year. We need rain. Rain is our friend. Rain washes and nourishes our earth. It is a God send. And yet, I could bet money on at least a dozen people today who will fuss that it's raining.

I for one am grateful. I am enjoying the sound of rain pattering on the windows and the balcony. I'm relishing the sweet smell of rain on desert sand, and I'm enjoying the simple thought of the good it will do our area.

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Anjie said...

amen and amen. rain is vital...and you can tell anyone who doesn't want your rain that they can send it our way!