Friday, November 9, 2007

Food as the 6th language

Last month I wrote about the love languages. Tonight as I sliced, prep'd, and fixed dinner I was thinking about how much I enjoy cooking for people. Part of what I enjoy about my new Y.A. study is that I get to cook for them. I cook on Friday nights...or at least I have so far. One could say that cooking is a "acts of service" expression, but I think for my family, food is a love language in and of itself. My mom's mom always used to make huge meals for us when we visited, all my aunt's cook, when I visit my cousin she cooks...and it's not just cooking to have a meal, but it's special food, dishes that require time and fun ingredients. Food is how we express love. In many ways, food is how I express love. Tasty dishes, new flavors, hours in the kitchen so everyone can share a good meal--that's love.

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John Meunier said...

It is no coincidence communion is a sharing of bread. I think God agrees with you.