Monday, February 5, 2007

Day Dreaming

"What do you spend your time day dreaming about?" That was the question I got when I played the Ungame with my youth last week. dream? I was stumped. Like being a princess? or a magician? or like finding prince charming ? Or is this more like what I wish would happen at my church and the wonderful bilingual band of musicians I keep praying will knock on our front door ready to lead really amazing worship? (oh, sorry, that was more of a delusion....) anyway, the point is, I was stunned and saddened to realize I don't really day dream anymore. So my question and challenge (if you are stiffled in your daydreaming as I am) to you is: "what do you day dream about?"


Jin said...

My day dreaming is being a free man. I mean I would like to be free from any concerns about the worldly things such as money, car, success, people's opinions... But I am praying for my vision which is given from the Lord. I would like to say Chao to you.
Love in Christ,
Jin Ho

David said...

I keep dreaming of floating the river, running the rapids, sleeping, teaching something fun and exciting (and having the people excited too), for a new youth director, for a church that welcomes the families that bring children, not just the children themselves.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you bring up day dreaming because I just participated in an exercise in day dreaming myself. It was at our latest RIM event. I actually use day dreaming as a tool, an escape, as opposed to having day dreaming be something that just accidently 'jumps' into my head. I guess I would equate it to 'finding my happy place.'

When conversation at our RIM went long, and the conversation became circular, I brought myself to dream of past enjoyments. In fact, I found myself 'daydreaming' through my entire trip to Europe with my best friend, Kevin, in 1999. It actually consumed 45 minutes!

Day dreaming is important. It's important to have fantasy, and to give us something that takes us away from the mondane (is that how you spell that). It's a necessity. Whether it's dreaming of the past, or dreams for a special future (i.e. prince or princess charming, the big home in the suburbs, or travels to exotic places), it's what keeps us grounded, and gives us hope!
Day Dream away, Deb, Day . . . Dream . . . away . . .