Wednesday, February 28, 2007

God bless the youth pastors

This morning I finally made it to the Youth Ministry Network meeting. They meet every week and I haven't been able to make it as of yet, partly because of schedule, partly because 7:00 is before I even wake up, let alone get out the door dressed and awake and ready for a meeting. But it was SO wonderful to be there. I walked in and the room was full of people my age!!! What a concept. And not just that, but people my age who care and are committed to the work in the church, where we have common ground and common goals. They were a fun group too, joking, having fun, teasing one another, and working on some really cool events they will be doing for the youth in our area. Yay for youth pastors who inspired me to get re-energized about the youth work I am doing.

AND, yay for youth who write and thank me for the work I do and for the ways I help them feel welcomed! AND who want to work on inviting more people so we can grow as a group.


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gavin richardson said...

as a fellow youth pastor, i'm glad to hear of a great fellowship opportunity for you. developing a core group of friends that i can share ideas with, complain, be inspired by, and pray with has meant the world to my getting back into ministry.