Monday, February 5, 2007

tangent: Pet Peeve

I realize that being annoyed with SPAM is not a new concept. But recently it has really gotten under my skin that I get 30 messages a week wanting me to have 500% more sperm--last time I checked, my body doesn't even make sperm. So I guess, doing the math, 500% of that would still be zero--so I shouldn't be so peeved about them offering me nothing, except, if you're gonna offer nothing, then why email me? really, that's false advertising, and it's irritating. Or, better, yet, I could add 3 inches...don't need that either. Who in the world decided I had a penis and needed to enlarge it?? Honestly, is this all we can be consumed with is working on penis enlargement?? What about real issues? what about poverty? lack of health care? unjust laws? famine? torture? domestic violence? child abuse? couldn't those folks spend just SOME time invested in issues of depth? (no pun intended) Seriously, if we (I say we because even though I don't spend billions on anything I do believe that collectively we play more of a role than I would like) spent one iota of the money from movies, advertising, or sports on any of the above, just think of where we'd be. Damn the man. (here ends my rant).


debs-friend-lex said...

i love you. in case i forgot.
and why are singles always trying to meet me?? when did i get so damn cute and charming??

Deb said...

what do you mean when did you get so cute and charming?? you have been sexy lexi for years!!! and singles have ALWAYS been trying to meet you--that's why the boys always swarmed our dorm room....because of the kirsten dunst look alike beautiful sexy lexy!