Thursday, February 15, 2007

Meet Deb Black

Yesterday I went to the hospital to see a congregant who had fallen and broken her shoulder. As they were preparing to move her from the ER to her room, we were waiting in the hallway and there was another woman on a gurney across the hall from us. We smiled at each other and she fixed her eyes on me, so I walked over to her. She told me, "I am ready to die." Now, last time I checked I was not death incarnate like Joe Black. Maybe I have seriously misjudged my call and/or my identity, but that is not a role I had considered for myself. (Now, to be fair, having worked as a chaplain in a hospital, I did have occasion for folks to tell me they were ready to die, but generally they knew that I was "one of God's servants" and hoped I would have a direct line to convey the message). However, this woman did not know me, I was not wearing a collar or a robe or anything that would identify my office. I asked if she was ready to die and she said yes, that she had been for awhile and that she simply wanted God to take her in her sleep. Yes ma'am. I pray God takes you peacefully and that you might know the glory of heaven as you have hoped. Peace be with you dear one, peace be with you.


John Meunier said...


Maybe the marks of the spirit are on you even when not sporting your preacher costume. What a blessing to be there in that moment of need.

chai said... have the presence to be there for people in their time of need. you have it. and that is simply beautiful.