Sunday, February 4, 2007

Oatmeal Mask

Tonight when I got home from youth group I found myself on the phone and being distracted by that "ick" feeling of oily skin after a long day. So, I googled "oatmeal mask" and decided I would try it. So I cooked my oatmeal and water and added the honey and then began to make a big mess in the bathroom--because quite frankly oatmeal doesn't go on nice and neat. It gloops and globs and drops all over (kinda like the whip cream mask in "Mrs Doubtfire"). I have to say, as a woman who was never allowed to play with food, this was a very fun endeavor. It gave me ganas to cover myself in oatmeal--just the kind of thing that makes the inner person smile and giggle a bit. After 7 minutes or so of letting the mask dry, I found myself feeling the sticky oatmeal and thinking, "this is like being covered in boogers!" (another thing that makes me laugh way down deep). Note to future oatmeal maskers: this will make a mess. I recommend installing a garbage disposal in your shower (or maybe just one of those drain strainers to save you on the plummer's bill)!

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