Wednesday, February 21, 2007

These boots were(n't) made for walking

I started my day with my Lenten discipline of walking to work. Deciding to look professional for the day (due to the fact that we had an Ash Wednesday service) I ended up choosing an outfit that required I wear the MOST uncomfortable walking shoes I think I own. But aside from the sore feet problem, my walk was great. It started with the chorus of birds singing and led me through the streets smiling contendly (if that's a word) to myself. I gave my best "Mona Lisa" look to those who drove by and enjoyed seeing houses I've never seen before, greeting fellow walkers, or the occasional person working in their yard. During college I walked all over campus (though, with tail between my legs, almost always drove to Westwood!), living abroad we always walked to school (15 minutes in Costa Rica, 30 in Spain) and didn't think twice about it, and then my last year in seminary I walked to campus everyday for classes and work and apparently I have missed it. And I am delighted to be back at it!

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