Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lenten Disciplines

Last night as I prepared for bed I thought to myself, "I don't know what my Lenten discipline will be, and if I don't decide ahead of time, I am bound to break a rule tomorrow." (As in, I would eat something on the "no" list or fail to read a scripture, etc). So I journaled a bit and decided (following my last post) that I should make time for a dance with God each day, I also wanted to be sure to do scripture reading each day (non-lectionary related). I have been so inspired by what my spiritual director has encouraged me to do that I thought a daily dose of scripture would add to my Lenten (and personal/pastoral) journey. I also thought I would incorporate fasting once a week. I have read a number of posts on prayer, intercession, casting out demons, etc lately and am more and more convicted that I need to be fasting with my prayers, so for our Thursday night prayer group I will go, having fasted all day. And finally, I want to be walking everyday. Not just because it will be good for my health, but because it will be better for the environment if I walk the +/-mile to work rather than emitting more carbon monoxide. But even more than both of those reasons because I am more prone to hear God when I am in nature, so walking (not on the treadmill) will draw me into greater consciousness of the ways God is speaking to me. There lies my guide to drawing nearer to God through the Lenten season. And for those of you who observe Lent, I'd be interested to hear where your faith walks are taking you .

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